Being Mindful in the Midst of Chaos

Being Mindful by Creating a Self-Care Plan

Everyday-stress has become normalized for many of us, but when mild stresses turn into chronic stress, our physical AND mental health suffers. I want to do my part to help you gain a better understanding of the tools you have at your disposal to cope with difficult situations that can create chaos in the mind. That’s why on Wednesday, September 21st at 6:00 pm EDT, I’ll be hosting a LIVE experience, Being Mindful in the Midst of Chaos.

During our time together, I’ll be sharing the connection between mindfulness and self-care while urging you to explore different factors, people, and situations that could be causing you excessive and unnecessary stress. We’ll also be discussing ways that you can revise and revive your physical space to enhance your mental state.

From learning to protect yourself from toxic relationships to incorporating tips for embracing the present moment, we’ll be covering a lot of ground -- but it’s a good starting point to ensure that you cover all your bases when it comes to caring for your mental wellbeing.

Meet Meredith Waters, The Facilitator of Being Mindful in the Midst of Chaos

Meredith Wates is a Mindset and Success Coach with over 15 years helping others live their most vibrant lives - whether through transforming their health, fitness, and nutrition - or - by guiding them through career and life transitions. She has worked with the US Military in Iraq, expats from around the world, Olympic athletes and coaches, and aspiring high-achievers. Her coaching practice focuses on a holistic and integrative approach to look at how all areas of your life are connected and how best to move forward to accomplish your goals. Meredith will help you navigate life and career transitions while optimizing your health and mindset, empowering you to create vibrant and balanced lives through the channels of mindfulness, movement, and intentional nutrition.

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Waters Edge Wellness

Don’t Settle for Negativity, Learn to Embrace the Positive

Many of us spend our entire lives falling into habits of negative self-talk, judgmental thoughts about others, and a generally negative outlook about the world around us. All things considered, it will take more than an hour-long class to correct these learned behaviors.

Fortunately, science and research have shown us that there are certain practices that can essentially rewire the way our brains operate and help us build healthier, more productive thought patterns that can embrace positivity.

Consider this Master Class an opportunity to check in with the health of your relationships, habits, and thought patterns. Whether you’re a complete novice when it comes to mindfulness, or you’re well into your second or third gratitude journal, this webinar is good for anyone and everyone who is looking to take better care of their mental health.

I Can’t Wait to Share With You on Wednesday, September 21st at 6:00 pm EDT!